Secret to more cashback

For flipkart

Today we are going to share a secret with you all. How to get more cashback from Shopibin for your purchases from Flipkart/Amazon.

You can see here for flipkart and here for amazon that we provide 2% cashback for e-gift vouchers. Why don't you take benefit of that ? Follow these simple steps to get upto 10% cashback Plus 2% cashback for a single purchase from Flipkart/Amazon:

  1. Login to Shopibin and go to Flipkart/Amazon by clicking on their image.
  2. Purchase Flipkart E-Gift voucher or Amazon GIft Vouchers for the amount of product that your going to buy. Pay Online for it. ( 2% Cashback )
  3. Send the gift voucher to your secondary email. If your have gmail id as, you can send the voucher to It will still come to your same gmail account. ( try this out )
  4. Click again on flipkart/amazon image on Shopibin and go to site again ( Very Important ) Otherwise your purchase won't be tracked.
  5. Purchase your desired product and make payment using the gift voucher you had just purchased. ( upto 10% cashback )

Congratulations, you have recieved more cashback for the same product.

For any queries send a mail to

PS: For Flipkart only - Purchase product and gift Voucher from Flipkart mobile app through shopibin to get more cashback on flipkart mobile apps.