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  • What is Cashback tool?
Shopibin Cashback tool is browser plugin which you will have to install in your browser( Chrome, Firefox). After installing this you won't need to visit Shopibin before your purchase to get cashback and you will get to know your cashback amount in the tool itself.
  • How does this work?
Once you install the tool it will appear in your browser in top right section after the address bar. Tool positioned at top right corner

  1. When you visit any store to make purchase, Just press Ctrl+M or Click on tool icon to open the tool.
  2. Your store page will reload once, let it finish reloading again.
  3. Make your purchase.

You will get cashback for your purchase made in this session. Tool also shows you your cashback balance.
  • What should i do to be sure of getting cashback?
Always keep in mind below things.

  • Press Ctrl+M before adding products to cart.
  • Press Ctrl+M before every order.
  • Press Ctrl+M for every store whenever you visit them.
  • Disable other price comparison/shopping extensions.